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Tricks to Make Your Puppy Come When You Call

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Making your dog follow your calls is one of the best things that you can do for his safety. Sometimes he may start moving to unsafe places during an outdoor walk and end up harming him. But if you teach him to respond to calls immediately, you can save him from accidental injuries. Also, a dog that follows calls from his owners appears a decent family member to other too. Your friends and guests will definitely appreciate these good etiquettes for your pet.

Before you start training your dog to come on your calls, it is important to choose an appropriate name to make him respond for it. Choose a respectful and creative name for your pet that he can love to listen. Also, it is essential to follow right commands to make him act accordingly. Your commands must have consistency and it should invite him to take action accordingly.

Here are few trusted tricks to make your puppy learn to respond to calls:

Rewards can play an essential role:

When you bring a new puppy to home, he does not know the name that you will use to call him. The very first thing is to make him understand that this particular word is his name and you will use it every time to call him. With time, he will learn to respond to the name but now in order to make him do certain task according to your command, you can follow reward system. Some delicious treats can make your training task much easier. At the beginning, always try to call his name from a shorter distance so that he can act easily. With time you can teach him to be active when called from a far distance as well.

Lead with positive examples:

If you call your pet and do some poisoning thing to his mood then he will start hating your call. For example, you scold him more often after calling him, try to put him forcibly inside a crate or take him to the bath that he never likes to take. It is important to lead by few positive examples so that your pet can love to respond to your calls with positive hopes. It is not good to use the command that he never likes rather you can mix it up with new words making it a fun activity for your pet that is at the learning stage.

Practice well:

There is no doubt to say that your new pet needs to practice to respond to your calls. So you have to improve your consistency to call him with right commands so that he can follow them every time. Don’t use negative behavior or never associate negative words with his name, try to encourage him with your positive touch and nice behavior. Also, prefer to make him learn commands at an early stage of his life because it will be quite difficult for him to grab new things as he grows up.

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