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Training Dogs Not to Bite

Image: pixabay.com / Meli1670
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We all know that dogs love to chew things. But it should not be your hand or feet. You might observe them chewing things around so often but sometime you may find them biting your shoes, hands or other body parts as well. It is time to pay attention to this bad behavior of your puppy. Because if he keeps on growing with same habits then one day he will become an intolerable monster. If you have brought a new puppy at home and are still unaware of how to deal with his biting behavior; it is good to follow few expert tips to handle the situation.

Sometimes you may feel that your puppy is just enjoying chewing things but it doesn’t mean that he should develop this habit. Try to use some tricks to train your dogs to leave this habit. Here are few tips to train your puppy not to bite:

  • The very first thing that you need to do is determine the major cause of the angry behavior of your pet. Once you understand the reason behind his bad habit, soon you will be able to find out a way to control it.
  • Professionals reveal that instead of scolding him for his sudden bites; try to show that it hurts. Showing your feelings to your pet is the best way to make him understand that he is creating trouble for you. He will soon feel your pain with your emotions and stop his action.
  • You can also try to get a chewing toy for your pet. It is common to see mouthing or biting behavior in dogs but instead of biting your fingers or toes, they can apply their teeth on chewable toys. Make them understand that your body parts are not the right things to chew; he should use toys for that purpose. Also, some dogs may start destroying useful things at home with their chewing behavior. You may find teeth marks on your new leather shoes, sometimes they may harm the rugs in the living room or may also end up chewing your essential accessories like earphones and phone charger etc. it is important to control the movement area for your pet in such conditions and let him stay in his crate. Give him a toy in his crate so that he can stay busy with it.
  • It is also important to use right practices to control aggression in your pet. You have to develop a calm and relaxing mindset in him right from the beginning so do not entertain his aggression at all. Your affection and care are the best tools to develop good habits in your pet. Instead of getting angry on him for every bad thing that he does, try to make him understand the difference between good and bad with love. Learn to reward him when he stops chewing on your call. Also, prefer to add more care to the playful activities of your pet so that he cannot learn bad behaviors.

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