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How to Treat the Jumping Behavior of Your Dog?

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Many pet owners keep on complaining about the bad jumping behavior of their dogs. Actually, pets often enjoy face to face communications with other animals and this habit gets naturally developed in them. Although it is their way to show love and politeness, it is not good to let him follow this behavior as it is. Because it doesn’t look nice when your dog jumps instantly on the guests or kids at home. It is important to add more care to dog training sessions so that you can prevent his jumping action. This habit must be treated before it becomes a part of his life.

Here are few easy to follow tips for treating the jumping behavior of your dog:

Keep him under control:

When you are expecting guests at home, it is good to use a head halter or harness to control your dog. Few dogs have more exciting behavior and they get crazy when someone arrives at home. Prefer to introduce them only when they get calm and sit on four legs. You can also try a baby gate to restrict their area and allow him to get involved with guests only when he is relaxed and calm.

Ignore his jumping action:

The best idea is to make your dog understand that jumping behavior is not good. Professional advice appreciating his behavior when he stands on four paws but when he jumps up, it is better to avoid his behavior. Try to freeze with folded arms and do not show affection towards him. Never ever give him a reward for any of his good actions when he jumps up; treat him only when he calms down and stands on four paws.

Give him a toy to keep his mouth busy:

Studies reveal that when a dog is buying holding something interesting in his mouth, he will rarely have a thought about jumping. Most of the dogs love to chew things; you can get some good quality toys for him that he can chew without getting ill.

Distract him:

When guests arrive at home and you feel that your dog is about to jump, try to distract him so that he can forget the desire to jump over. You can toss his favorite toy in the open area and let him catch it. Try to lower down his excitement level so that he can stay calm on his four paws even when new things happen around or some guests arrive.

Sit down to his level:

Another great trick to avoid his jumping action is to sit down and get to his level while talking to him. It will help him to find your face close to him and he will not need to jump over. Get down to say him Hi or you can also prefer to sit on a chair close to him so that he can find you nearby. It will help him to interact calmly.

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