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Tips to Make Your New Puppy Feel Comfortable at Home

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When you bring a new puppy home, you have to be more careful about him. He needs your attention and care to adjust to a new environment. Also, he is going to miss his old living place and his buddies. There are so many things that you have to manage to let him feel comfortable at your home. Once he starts learning your routines, soon he will find himself happy and comfortable with you. But until that time, it is your responsibility to help him adjust to his new family and home.

An essential thing that you need to do for your new puppy is to follow consistent routines for all his daily activities. It will help him to adjust to new environment. Note that he might take few days, weeks or even months to learn the new lifestyle, but you have to keep patience and encourage him to make new transitions for life.

Tips to make your puppy feel at home in the new environment:

This is a slow process in the beginning:

The very first thing that you need to understand is your new puppy has his own personality and lifestyle that he has gained from the environment where he has to spend days before meeting you. Now he will take some time to get friendly with the new environment. You need not force him to accept things with some stressful activities rather treat him with love and care so that he can love to listen to your training rules. Let him feel comfortable with your family and your home and help him learn things positively.

Set his personal space:

When he comes to a new home, an essential thing he needs is a comfortable bed where he can relax after getting tired. This area must be spacious and well maintained so that your dog couldn’t feel stressed inside. When your dog is not feeling easy in your house, he would love to spend few moments in his personal space. It can be a comfortable crate or a special room with lots of entertaining stuff around.

Get some soothe songs for him:

It is good to add a music arrangement near your dog’s crate or prefer to keep it near TV in your living room. Play some entertaining soothe songs for your dog when he feels sad. These songs can help him to improve his mood and he will soon start developing a love for this new space.

Treat him well:

Don’t get angry on the behaviors of your little new dog. Rather help him to learn new things with patience and by creating a comfortable environment for him. Follow right time for food, sleeping, outdoor walks, potty breaks etc so that he can start developing good habits. Also, reward him when he performs well for his new routines as it will make him feel happy in his new home. Your love and care are the best tools to make him live a good life at your home.

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