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Setting House Rules for Your New Puppy

Image: pixabay.com / andrewicus
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Before bringing him home it is really important to set few in-house rules for your puppy. Because if you do not teach him right ways to live in-house at the beginning stage, he will never obey you when he will grow up. You must discuss all details with all members in-house and create an outline of what your new dog will learn to do in your house and what will not be added to his lifestyle. Actually, these rules are not just for the pet you are bringing home; rather they are for all members of the family about how they will treat him.

The moment when he comes home, you have to make efforts to start introducing him to house rules smoothly. Although, he will take some time to learn; this is the only learning stage for him because once he will settle in your premises then he will never try to learn something new. The fact is that dogs develop their behavior the way you give them an environment to live. If you set appropriate rules for their behaviors, they will not do unacceptable things.

Here are few essential rules that you should add to your rule book before bringing your new puppy home:

The area where your puppy can visit:

The very first thing that every pet owner needs to control is the area where they would allow their puppy to visit. You may have to create no-roaming zones in kid’s room, kitchen etc. Also, professionals’ advice to allow a limited space to your puppy as it assists in easy dog training.

Will he jump on the furniture or not?

Some of you may love to cuddle with the small puppy on your sofa or bed but the bigger one may appear annoying on furniture. However, the true fact is that once he develops the habit to jump on furniture with you, it is quite difficult to make him follow different commands when he will grow up. So, your rules must be clear enough right from the beginning. Some of you may also want him to stay away from few specific furniture items like dining table etc. But everything must be clear in advance and all family members need to follow common approach.

Identify his sleeping area:

You have to take an important decision about where your tiny puppy will sleep. You may have to bring a dog crate for him and make some arrangements to save him from hot and cold temperatures as well. A house-trained dog follows practices that you start teaching him from his very first day at home.

Divide duties:

It is not possible that a family member will handle all needs of puppy alone with his own routine work. Families need to talk about this and divide their duties about puppy care. You have to feed him time to time, take him out for a walk, follow exercise routines and create a flow of his whole day activities.

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