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How to Reward Good Behavior for Your Pet

Image Source: publicdomainpictures.net / Piotr Siedlecki
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You have brought a new puppy to home and now need some tips to train him. That can be a tricky thing for a new pet owner but if you follow right tips; you can make a good start with ease. During the training process, it is important to reward your dog for his positive behavior. It can help you to point his good and bad actions with ease. Also, it is essential to practice the good behavior rewarding process when he has just joined your family. Because this is the time when he is willing to learn new things; later you cannot change his habits so easily.

Here are few essential tips to reward good behavior for your pet:

Reward on time:

The very first thing you need to understand is that you have to reward your pet on time as soon as he performs a good action. For example, he sits down calmly when you ask him to do so, he comes to you when you announce that command. You may love to enjoy your commands on him like a boss but he will not work so long for free. The better idea is to reward him instantly whenever he does something good. It will help him to learn what is good and bad.

Choosing a right reward for your dog:

It is important to be careful while choosing right reward for your dog. Try to set his reward as per the task he has performed so that he can learn the value of things. When he learns something new or deals with a challenging situation, prefer to motivate him with his favorite treat. It will help you to encourage him to follow right actions at right time.

Show Affection:

You should never underestimate the potential of a gentle touch. It is the best way to show affection towards your tiny pet. Instead of patting him for his good actions, prefer to gently scratch him using your fingers as the patting action may appear an aggressive thing too few dogs. When your dog follows the right training, do something that makes him feel that you are happy with his actions. The way you show him your love will mold his actions into a better routine.

The food treats are best:

Studies reveal that most of the dogs love food treats as per appreciation reward. You should always get some of his favorite eatables in hand during his training session and whenever he performs well, allow him to enjoy the delicious treat. Also, you have to count his daily food intakes so that he can also maintain good health.

Toys can be his best companions:

Dogs love to play with soft, attractive toys like little kids. So you can also reward him by presenting a nice chewable toy. It will help you to manage his food intake as well and he will find a way to play to burn a few calories after many treats.

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