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How to End Up Dog Training Session in An Effective Way

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It is important to choose right training method for your new puppy so that he can develop some good habits. But more than that you should care about how to start and end up your training session every day. The end of session signals can create a different feeling in dog’s mind so it is important to choose right methods to end up your training session.

Note that the tricks to end a training session are not actually defined by some dog scientists rather they are developed by the trainer or dog owner as per his bond with the pet. The end of sessions signals helps your pet to know that the attention mode is over and the playful mode can be activated now. Professionals advise using consistent training methods for training dogs. As every signal can lead a different impact on your growing puppy so it is good to follow right tools to show that training is over.

Use some proponents:

Like human beings, dogs also feel it boring and stressful to sit for a training class. So it is important to signal them the opportunity to relax in a creative manner. Some trainers prefer to use simple proponents like “All Done” signal to indicate a dog that the training session is over. Some may also pronounce the word “At Ease” to make their pet comfortable. Dogs often stay curious to get the end of session signal from the trainer and it leads a feeling of excitement in them, so it is important to make efforts to control the behavior of your dog at that moment as well.

Some playful activities:

When your pet has already followed a long training session with full attention then it is good to give him a playful time by the end of the session. Give him the opportunity to go outside and play in the backyard. You can also give him his favorite toy to have fun for a while. This chewy treat can make him happy after stressful work hour.

Some delicious treats:

The end of the training session can be also followed by delicious treats that can satisfy the appetite of your dog. It is a way to encourage positive reinforcement in the pet so that he can enjoy the learning session more while waiting for his favorite treat afterward. The rewards for learning encourage dogs to learn more and they can start following good behavior with time.

The cuddle time:

Pets love to play with their owners and it is always their favorite activity. When you end up the training session for your pet, welcome him for a cuddle on the couch. It will help you both to come out of the stress caused by a training session and you both will also share a loving bond together. Playing with pets is really the most amazing thing to do so why not to include it in your routine training session. Your lovely furry friend will definitely appreciate this gesture.



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