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How to Choose a Perfect Name for Your Dog?

Image Source: pixabay.com
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So, you brought a new puppy home. That’s really good. Now you are going to spend so many beautiful moments with your new pal. There is no doubt to say that Dogs are always the best companions of human beings. They add more love and care to relations. They treat kids and older people also with deep love. But there are few things that you have to do for them as well. The first most essential task you can do for your new puppy is picking a cute name for him/her. It is really important to add more care to choose the right name for your dog.

Of course, you should choose a name that adds love to your emotions. And more importantly, it must be something that can be always heard clearly by your dog. Preferably, it must put a strong emphasis on his ears with ending letters. Also, if you are choosing a long name for your dog and want to create another short abbreviation then prefer to choose something lovable. It should not appear abusive in any situation; rather a dog name should be always respectful because he is an important member of your family. You have to use it so frequently that your dog can learn to respond to it and can adapt to his new name soon.

Here are few ideas on how to choose the right name for your lovely pet:

Names of old people:

There is no doubt to say that years ago people use to have more respectful and lovely names. They use to be classic and impactful for personality. So, why not to get such a beautiful name for your dog as well? It will be unique and something more catchy for your lovely partner. Some of the gentleman dogs have names like Walter, Albert, and Seymour etc. However, the lady dogs can be named as Flora, Alma, and Harriet etc.

Get a touch of your childhood memory:

Another crazy idea to pick a great name for your new companion is to choose something out of your childhood memories. It could be the name of your favorite picnic spot, the street where you used to play with your childhood mates or your favorite toy that stays with you for years. These names will always add more love to the name of your dog and will also refresh your childhood memories every time when you will call your dog.

Dedicate his name to his looks:

Which breed and which color of dog you have? It can also help you to create a unique name for your puppy. If it is white you can call him snowy, sugar etc. the black ones can have popular names like Coal, Blackie, Noir etc. whereas the brown dogs can be called as Chocolate, Chestnut, Brownie etc. You can also pick names as per special marks on their body. You can also choose his name as per his personality. The all-time sleep lover dog can be called Snoozy.

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