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Creating Your Dog’s Personal Area: The Crate Training

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Once you bring a puppy home, you will start developing a great attachment to him. In case if you have a big family, then your dog will always find an active partner to play. But it doesn’t mean that your dog should not have a specific personal area. Professionals reveal that even if your dog loves to play in different rooms, he must be assigned a dog safe zone where he can relax and enjoy his personal time. This space can help him feel comfortable and more entertained as your home. But only if you give him time to enjoy in his personal space. If you cannot create a separate room for your dog, prefer to bring a comfortable crate for him. You can follow his sleeping and eating routines with crate training. It will also assist you to manage your dog activities when you have guests at home. Also, if you have to leave your puppy alone at home, you cannot leave him open in the whole house for safety reasons, the best idea is to create his personal zone where he can sleep, eat and enjoy without you.

There are so many essential things that you should take care of while handling crate training sessions for your dog. Prefer to follow the tips below to help him learn the best strategies for a pleasant lifestyle.

Choose right crate:

The very first challenge in front of pet owners is to choose right crate for their dog. He must get enough room inside to sit, sleep, eat and stretch. Also, you have to get something that can be appropriate for his size and his growing body as well. There are some crates that can be transformed into small and bigger one by adjusting their different sections inside; it is good to invest in such crates as they can help your puppy to stay comfortable inside. Some of the best types of crates you may find in the market are the wire mesh crates, kennel style crates, and puppy pens.

Train him to sleep inside:

Every night when it is time to sleep, train your puppy to go inside and sleep on his comfortable cozy bed. Create special comfort arrangements inside so that your pet can love to go inside. Also, you have to choose the right location for its placement because sometimes pets also start feeling alone in their crates. The area inside must be clean and safe so that your dog can stay happily inside for several hours.

Treat him to good practices:

The best way to train your dog for the crate is to reward him when he follows right routines. Let him know that he has to sleep inside and his food will be also available inside the crate on the right time. Prefer to follow right routines for his crate training and let him be comfortable with it. The basic rule to keep your pet happy inside is to have enough space inside and give him some entertaining task to do there.

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