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Can you serve your dog with human food

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The greater part of the foods that are good for people are useful for the pooches as well. Research has shown that you can serve your dog with the human foods. However, there are certain items like onions and wines that you should avoid.

To help you select the right meal here are a few human food items that you can serve your puppy with.

Nuts and peanuts

It is the best food enriched with fiber and proteins for the pooch. In the event that you need your puppy to eat nuts and peanuts essentially add some to the dry meal. You can serve peanut butter as well, but the item should be without xylitol that is harmful for the puppy.


Mutts love to eat bread and it is healthy for them. Plain bread in a little quantity will be useful for the stomach. Try not to add any flavors or spread to the bread. Notwithstanding, you need to consider the way that bread will just give your pooch carbs and calories. It is better that you serve the puppy with custom made bits of bread. Stay away from the bread brought from the stores as it has numerous additives that are undesirable for the pooch.


It is the best source for proteins particularly the Greek yogurt. Try not to give the preserved items that have additives and high portion of sugar.


You can serve your puppy with the completely cooked eggs.

  • It will cure the stomach illness and provide your pooch with a decent measure of proteins.
  • In the event that, you are making your puppy to half cooked or raw eggs it may cause biotin insufficiency.
  • It is better that you appropriately cook the eggs.

Lean meat

It keep your puppy healthy and its level of energy will always be up. It is essential that you serve the puppy with a healthy amount of lean meat. The lean meat is additionally a perfect source of proteins. You can give your puppy cooked meat however not the one that has vegetables, oils or wines included them.

Beans and peas

On the off chance that you need to decrease the weight of your pooch, peas and beans are the best sources since they have low calories and more energy. It will give the pooches additional potassium and Vitamin K and C.


Salmon is useful for the skin and oral health of the puppy because of the reliable amount of omega 3 unsaturated fats. It is additionally a valuable source of proteins.

Bottom line

In case that you notice any signs of illness in your puppy after serving with human food make sure that you stop instantly. Take your puppy to the vet because you might be doing something wrong. He will provide you the perfect meal plan and guidance that will help you to serve the dog with healthy and required quantity of food. Keep your dog healthy.

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